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/01 Forex broker reviews

The first and most important stage of Forex trading is choosing a broker. There are a huge number of brokerage companies today. Some of them are well known and enjoy a well-deserved reputation, others are dark horses, betting on which you can win or lose.

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- We want to help traders and that is why we share our experience of working with little-known brokers offering Forex trading services.

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Project goal

- to shed light on the activities of investment companies that do not fulfill their obligations to their clients, misleading them.

Trade Solutions Exposed: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Investment Scam

Trade Solutions: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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247 Swift Rocket Trade: A Cryptocurrency Scam Masterclass

Welcome to the (Un)welcome World of 247 Swift Rocket Trade

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Soxafund: reviewing and exposing the scam of a fraudster

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Zorya Capital's Deception: An Analysis of Their Claims

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/02 Forex articles

The most relevant articles from the world of Forex

Warren Buffett sells 10 million shares of Apple stock

Sirius XM and Chevron: Warren Buffett buys in


nameАртем Митрофанов

The world's most prominent investor, Warren Buffett, sells 10 million shares of Apple and buys shares of Sirius XM and Chevron in return. Apple's weig...

Torrevieja: The first crypto-friendly city

APYMECO: Cryptocurrency adoption in Europe


nameАртем Митрофанов

The ambitious digital transformation project of the city will be the first in Europe. It is a true technological revolution that could boost investmen...

Macroeconomic news: Impact on Forex

How financial news affects currency pairs


nameАртем Митрофанов

The release of economic and financial news can affect Forex market trading in different ways. Learn all about the implications for the Forex market....