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WDX Limited: Forex Scammers Without Conscience

When it comes to choosing a broker, it's important not to take your word for it. For example, WDX Limited may seem reliable on the surface, but this is far from the case. Today, we're going to take an in-depth look at this company and find out why you shouldn't mess with them.

Website Evaluation

The WDX Limited website is similar to a regular template website that many Forex scammers use. The web page is of poor quality, contains errors in texts, links to third-party resources and is not integrated with the necessary services for working on the stock market.

Support Issues

Support for WDX Limited is almost unavailable. There are also problems with mobile trading and a lot of negative reviews about the company.

Deception with regulators

WDX Limited, despite its youth (the company has existed for less than a month), has already managed to get blacklisted by international regulators. The company indicates non-existent regulators, and its registration is not confirmed.

Lack of security

The WDX Limited website does not have a secure connection, and no special encryption is used to protect customer data. This can lead to the leakage of personal information and its transfer to third parties.

Falsification of data

WDX Limited has been involved in news falsification and technical manipulation. The company regularly publishes false reports, irrelevant quotes, and made-up statistics, which confuses traders.

Problems with financial transactions

The WDX Limited broker offers to use dubious methods to conduct financial transactions, including a current account and an electronic wallet. There are no usual payment systems, as well as a normal user agreement.

Lack of information about the company

There is little to no information about the company itself on the WDX Limited website. The pages of the site are filled in poorly or not at all. As well as there is no data on payment systems. All this looks extremely suspicious.

Problems with reviews

In contrast to the positive reviews, which look uniform and are probably created by bots, real customers leave extremely negative reviews about WDX Limited on the Internet. The broker is deceiving their clients and failing to pay out money.


All of the above indicates that WDX Limited is a fraudulent company that is not to be trusted. In addition to problems with the site, the company does not meet market standards, does not provide a normal user agreement, does not inform about risks, and publishes false data.

Cooperation with WDX Limited will not lead to anything good, so we recommend refraining from interacting with this broker.

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