/ AI Unit: Forex broker is a fraud that cannot be trusted

Review of forex broker - scam AI Unit

AI Unit is a Forex broker that attracts the attention of many traders. However, before cooperating with this company, it is worth carefully studying its reputation and reviews from clients. Unfortunately, AI Unit is a scammer and is not trustworthy. In this article, we will break down the main facts and signs that AI Unit is a forex broker that you should not deal with.

Violation of regulation and non-compliance with obligations

AI Unit not only violates the standards of regulators, but also constantly deceives its clients. The company does not fulfill its obligations and actively calls clients trying to convince them to cooperate further. However, you should be careful as such calls could be part of their fraudulent scheme.

Inaccurate information and lack of transparency

One of the main signs that AI Unit is a scammer is the lack of reliable information and transparency. The company does not provide financial statements and does not spell out its terms and conditions in the user agreement. In addition, the website lacks licenses, contact information and other legal documents, which raises serious doubts about the legality of their activities.

Price manipulation and bogus investment schemes

AI Unit has been seen manipulating the prices of financial instruments. They artificially raised and lowered the price of shares, creating false signals for investors. In addition, the company used bogus investment schemes promising instant returns by investing in a non-existent product. They also displayed false customer results to attract more people to their network.

Customer testimonials and negative experiences

A lot of AI Unit customers have faced negative experiences and have not been able to withdraw their money. The company actively creates pressure on customers and does not provide proper support. In addition, mobile trading is not developed, and the accrual of additional commissions, not specified in the contract, causes distrust. All these facts indicate that AI Unit is not a reliable Forex broker.


AI Unit is a fraudster that should not be trusted. The company violates the standards of regulators, deceives clients and does not fulfill its obligations. Avoid cooperating with this company to avoid losing your money. Be careful and choose reliable and trusted Forex brokers for your investments.
"You should not do any business with this broker, as you can simply lose your money, for it is the most common scammer." - more information.

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