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I found out about 24hrstrustfxoption, thanks to a friend of mine who likes all sorts of risky ventures, in particular he enjoys testing young brokerage companies, as many of them, at the beginning of their work offer very tempting terms. He received a phone call from the employees of this company offering to open an account with them and promising so much that he immediately rejected all the offers, realizing that 24hrstrustfxoption is a fraud.

Together with him we examined the website 24hrstrustfxoption.com, and found a lot of confirmation of his suspicions.
But, let's go in order:

24hrstrustfxoption broker registration

Judging by the information on the website, 24hrstrustfxoption broker is registered in the UK and according to the idea, information about it should be submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities. But unfortunately this is not the case. 
There is no brokerage company with this name registered in the UK. Accordingly, 24hrstrustfxoption has no brokerage license, which means that their activities are illegal.

Moreover, the lack of official registration means that people who decide to hand over their money to fraudsters simply have nowhere to turn in order to get it back. Of course, many people would turn to the police, but such cases are investigated for a long time and most often without a positive result.

Documents at 24hrstrustfxoption.com

They simply do not exist. The website 24hrstrustfxoption.com has neither a brokerage license, nor any other documents which would allow the user to understand who exactly is offering his services.

Honest brokers obligatory include electronic copies of registration documents, work permits for different countries, contact details: legal address, office addresses etc.

It is necessary to do it in order to attract the client. To show him: we are an official, trustworthy company and will not abscond with your money at the first opportunity.

Of course, 24hrstrustfxoption.com staff will be happy to tell you that they have all the documents and registrations, they just have not published them on the website. Why? Well that's how modest they are.

That is, 24hrstrustfxoption doesn't even hide and try to pass themselves off as a decent broker. They just count on their potential clients being idiots.

Terms and Conditions of 24hrstrustfxoption

Reading the FAQ section of the website, you almost immediately realize that you are faced with scammers, and not very clever ones at that.

It says here that 24hrstrustfxoption, provides Forex trading services and simultaneously deals with cloud mining, which are quite different spheres of activity.

Moreover, it says that cloud mining allows you to get cryptocurrency (bitcoins), without mining equipment, software or wasting electricity. This is complete nonsense. Because cloud mining is a service that allows you to rent server capacity to mine cryptocurrency. In other words, to mine you need:

  1. A server;
  2. Special software;
  3. electricity.

Such texts are designed for people who have never invested, do not know what cryptocurrency and mining are.

The minimum deposit amount is $1.

This is not even funny.

With such amount of deposit, the broker will incur losses just for the fact of existence of the account.

True, on the main page, in the list of tariff plans it is already specified 20 dollars. This is closer to the truth, but still too little.

The broker has no deposit or withdrawal fees. How do they make money then?

Simply put, everything on this site just screams that 24hrstrustfxoption.com is a scam.


I categorically do not recommend working with this company. If you have already given 24hrstrustfxoption or other scammers your money - email me. I will be glad to help you to get your money back and recommend competent lawyers who will be able to cause a lot of trouble to these scammers.

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