/ LINQ Capital: A Suspected Scam Trading Platform

LINQ Capital: Exposé of Potential Deception

Investing and trading platforms play a crucial role in facilitating financial transactions. Unfortunately, not all platforms are trustworthy. In this article, we dive deep into LINQ Capital (https://linq-capital.net/en/) to examine its practices and uncover potential warning signs of a scam.

Dubious Testimonials

When you visit the reviews section of the platform, it feels like something is wrong. Reviews are presented with photos of users, which is unusual for most sites. This may indicate that the reviews have been fabricated, as most users leave anonymous reviews.

To spot a fake testimonial, consider the following steps:

  • Analyze the writing style and language for inconsistencies, as scammers often use generic or overly positive reviews;
  • Perform a reverse image search to check whether the testimonials have been copied from other websites or platforms;
  • Be skeptical of testimonials that lack specific details or verifiable accomplishments.

Questionable Design and Content

LINQ Capital's website appears hastily put together. Furthermore, their customer support team, LiveHelpNow, has not been recognized by reputable sources, casting more doubt on the platform's legitimacy.

Suspicious URLs and Registration Information

A potential scam site may have a suspicious URL, including misspellings, unusual domain extensions, or extra characters in the web address. Furthermore, a lack of transparency about the company's registration information and country of origin serves as a major red flag in cases like these.

No External Verification of Claims

LINQ Capital fails to provide any verifiable track record, client references, or awards to back their claims of exceptional service and performance. In contrast, reputable trading platforms usually publish detailed reports and independent audits from trustworthy sources to strengthen their credibility.


LINQ Capital's questionable tactics, such as potentially fabricated testimonials and poor design, raise major concerns about the platform's credibility. It is important to approach online trading platforms with caution, keeping an eye out for suspicious activities and taking the necessary steps to protect your personal and financial information.

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