/ Identifying Alturin Trading: Forex Scammer

Alturin Trading: Questionable Forex broker

In the labyrinth of Forex trading, a new player, Alturin Trading, has stealthily emerged. However, its questionable practices and dubious reputation have quickly raised red flags in the financial community. This article aims to expose the grim reality behind this alleged Forex broker.

1. Website Analysis: A Closer Look

A broker's website can reveal a great deal about its authenticity. Website security, design quality, typography readability, and search engine visibility are crucial factors to consider. On these fronts, Alturin Trading's online presence raises more questions than it answers.

1.1 Search Engine Visibility

Surprisingly, Alturin Trading is practically invisible in search engine results. This lack of visibility is unusual for a legitimate Forex broker and signals potential foul play.

1.2 Website Design and Content

A glance at Alturin Trading's hastily designed website exposes numerous concerns. Notably, the website hosts several text blocks riddled with errors and irrelevant external links. More alarmingly, essential company information, legal documents, and support contacts are conspicuously missing.

2. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading

Alturin Trading does not possess a proprietary trading terminal. Instead, it offers an obscure application for stock market operations. Mobile trading, a standard feature in today's digital era, is alarmingly underdeveloped with Alturin Trading.

3. Company Profile and Registration

Alturin Trading's recent inception and swift addition to the international registrars' blacklists are alarming. The company's operations remain unregulated, and there are numerous reports of clients not receiving their payouts.

3.1 Limited Clientele

A peculiar aspect of Alturin Trading is that its services are exclusively available to Swiss-registered clients, raising questions about its global legitimacy.

4. Unethical Practices

Alturin Trading's repertoire of unethical practices extends to news fabrication and technical manipulation. The broker lacks a professionally drafted user agreement and has a history of levying additional charges without warning.

4.1 Cold Calling

Alturin Trading's representatives initiate contact, incessantly calling from various numbers. This aggressive tactic, combined with a lack of financial reporting and an unresponsive support service, is a classic sign of a scam operation.

5. Security Concerns

With Alturin Trading, clients' sensitive information remains unprotected, making it a potential goldmine for fraudsters. The broker's payment security is also questionable, as it promotes transactions through unverified systems.

6. Red Flags: Indicators of a Scam Operation

Aside from a poorly designed website and lack of registration, Alturin Trading's dubious practices include:

  • Unrealistically low interest rates
  • Absence of fixed commissions
  • Delayed order execution
  • Automatic cancellation of trades
  • Unannounced additional charges
  • Inaccessible website via search engines
  • Issues with the user agreement
  • Recent establishment
  • Price manipulations
  • Hidden documents
  • Limited services for non-Swiss clients
  • Unregulated operations
  • False promises of instant profits
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Publication of misleading statistics

7. Reputation

Alturin Trading, despite its brief existence, has already garnered a less-than-stellar reputation.

8. Trustworthiness

Given the above concerns, it's challenging to consider Alturin Trading as a trustworthy entity. The overwhelming negative reviews, accusations of dishonesty, and non-payment complaints paint a grim picture.

8.1 Fake Reviews

Alturin Trading apparently resorts to bots for publishing identical positive reviews, an attempt to inflate its rating artificially.

9. History and Registration

Alturin Trading's registration is unverifiable, and its history is riddled with inconsistencies and untruthful information.

10. Price Manipulation

Reports suggest Alturin Trading habitually manipulates prices, creating artificial demand and generating misleading signals for investors.

11. Credit Leverage

While Alturin Trading offers credit leverage, the terms and conditions are vaguely presented and confusing for the users.

12. Misleading Information

Alturin Trading regularly publishes false data and fictitious analytical reports, misleading traders. It also practices "spoofing", a manipulative technique that creates an illusion of price reduction by imitating futures orders.

Conclusion: Alturin Trading - A Forex Scam

In an industry where trust is paramount, Alturin Trading's questionable practices, lack of transparency, and negative reputation make it a prime candidate for a Forex scam. Traders are advised to approach such brokers with caution, keeping their financial safety in mind.

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