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3 Best Forex Bots for Automated Trading

In recent years, the trading world has become more open to beginners thanks to the emergence of new technologies. Many programs help beginners become familiar with the financial markets while accumulating profits. In this top you will find the 5 best automated trading programs currently available on the market.

Best Forex trading bots in France

In this part, we present detailed information about the Forex trading platforms that you mentioned earlier.

1. XTB: a platform perfectly optimized for trading

XTB is an online trading platform that allows you to invest in over 5,400 financial assets. Thanks to its flexible and intuitive interface, this broker offers the opportunity to easily develop its platform.

With numerous services and tools available, you can easily optimize your investments. Whether it's technical analysis or the latest economic news, XTB has the resources you need.

When it comes to security, you should know that this online broker is regulated by AMF. This means that XTB's activities are completely legal. It is for these and many other reasons that we recommend this platform for investing in the financial markets.

Advantages of the XTB Forex trading platform

  • AIF-regulated broker
  • Absolutely safe broker
  • Mobile app available
  • + 5400 financial assets from stocks to cryptocurrencies
  • Suitable for all levels

Disadvantages of XTB

  • No PEA account
  • Cryptocurrencies only in CFD

2. eToro: The Best Free Forex Trading Bot for Beginners

eToro is one of the most popular online brokers. Founded in 2006, this platform quickly attracted the attention of traders of all levels due to its interesting and comprehensive offers. It now has more than 10 million users and operates in more than 140 countries.

eToro Brokerage Offers and Features

Online broker eToro offers its own trading platform. It allows clients to invest in over 1,000 financial assets, including stocks, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, futures, and commodities.

This broker is also aimed at traders of all levels. In addition, it offers special benefits to beginners thanks to its social trading option. This feature gives them the ability to automatically copy the trades of the top traders on the site to achieve the same results. Users also have access to educational content: everyone, both beginner and experienced, can progress at their own pace.

Finally, you can join the eToro Club and get additional benefits, including debit cards, access to webcasts, or even participation in several physical events. This all depends on the level you choose: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum + and Diamond.

Automated Forex trading on eToro

The eToro broker offers several algorithmic trading options:


The feature allows you to follow the activities of the best traders on this trading platform. Your positions (short or long) are opened automatically based on their behavior. This way you don't have to make any decisions. With this option, eToro creates an automated portfolio for you based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning system we will develop below. However, we recommend that you follow the process closely to gain experience faster. This allows you to learn to determine the best time to act.

Take profit

Thanks to the Take Profit function, your position will be closed automatically when the Forex price or its rate reaches the limit value you previously set. This way, the chances of your winnings materializing are optimized.

Stop loss

The Stop Loss option, in turn, allows you to limit losses. With this setup, you can set in advance how much money you can afford to lose. The position is closed automatically when the indicator is reached. With eToro you have the choice between two types of stop loss.

Classic stop loss or hard stop loss

You set the amount you are willing to lose. It remains fixed even if the price rises, so you will have to adjust it manually when the asset changes.

Trailing stop or trailing stop loss

In this case, the amount of loss changes depending on the performance of the asset - and always changes in favor of the trader.

Advantages of the Toro Forex trading platform

  • Online broker regulated by FCA and CySec
  • Ease of use
  • Social trading
  • Free demo account
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss configuration available.
  • Automated portfolio management
  • Several financial assets for trading


  • 4 currencies accepted for deposits only
  • Withdrawal and inactivity fees

3. Admiral Markets: the best Forex bot with multiple trading platforms

Admiral Markets, or Admiral from March 2021, is an online broker founded in 2001. It is ranked among the best forex brokers in the world and offers diversified assets to its international users. The broker is regulated and approved by internationally recognized financial authorities such as the FCA or CySec and guarantees the security of its services.

Offers and features

Admiral offers a wide range of financial instruments. Although this broker specializes in the Forex market, it actually provides its clients with other assets, such as CFDs on stocks, commodities or even bonds.

This online broker is also aimed at users of all levels around the world. Several educational materials are available on the platform to help beginners take their first steps in the world of finance and develop effectively. Programs tailored to advanced levels are also offered so that more experienced traders can deepen their knowledge and identify long-term trading opportunities.

Admiral clients can also create and use a demo account. This way, they can get acquainted with the world of trading and gain experience without risking their money. Finally, the Admiral Markets trading app, compatible with iOS and Android, can be downloaded online for free.

Automatic trading on the Forex market on Admiral Markets

Admiral offers its clients the best platforms currently available on the market:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MT Supreme Edition
  • Web trader MetaTrader

These programs are developed by MetaQuotes Ltd and are among the most reliable on the market. This is precisely why automatic trading is possible on Admiral Markets.

Admiral Markets Advantages

  • Adjustable platform
  • Diversified instruments depending on the selected account type: stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Demo account available
  • Educational content
  • More accessible customer service
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Mobile application for trading anywhere


  • No wallet

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