/ APYMECO: Cryptocurrency adoption in Europe

Torrevieja: The first crypto-friendly city

The Association of Small and Medium Traders of Torrevieja (APYMECO) continues to show its commitment to new technologies as a way to boost trade and continue to contribute to local economic development.

In an ambitious project that will be developed in several phases in collaboration with the Department of Commerce of the City Council, Torrevieja aims to become the first "crypto-friendly" city to use blockchain technology to digitize trade. The process will take place as follows:

First phase

Popularization of trade using cryptocurrencies. Customers and businesses will be able to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets.

Second phase

Optimizing the impact of cryptocurrencies on nature. Cryptocurrency assets will be directed towards sustainable development and restoration of green spaces.

Third stage

Utilizing cryptocurrencies to increase employment and promote business in the city. People will get new jobs and tech companies will get additional funding.

Evaluation of the initiative

Rosario's Councillor for Commerce, Martínez Chazarra, praised this initiative of the merchants' association, which will boost and modernize shopping in local stores and will be another incentive for those who have cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Martínez Chazarra said that the City Council of Torrevieja plans to collaborate with APYMECO in training courses for merchants who participate in this initiative together with the University of Alicante (UA), through its faculties specialized in economic and business issues.

Jorge Almarca, president of APYMECO, highlighted the social and economic implications of digitalization for Torrevieja. He noted that cryptocurrency payments have been legally recognized in Spain since 2015, but their widespread use in everyday commerce and social life has not been actively promoted until now. Almarca's clear message is to encourage people to invest, spend and familiarize themselves with Torrevieja. APYMECO has already provided its businesses with state-of-the-art tools on many occasions, as evidenced by the success of Bono Consumo. Almarca noted the strong support from the Torrevieja City Council and expressed confidence in the ambitious project ahead, aimed at attracting wealth and boosting the ICT sector.

APYMECO has published on its website a pre-registration form for businesses wishing to participate in the first phase of the digitalization process to pay for their business with cryptocurrencies.

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