/ Is Forex an MLM?

Forex: MLM or Real Business?

Forex MLM (multi - level marketing) is an example of a marketing pyramid scheme that promotes services and products through currency trading. This business concept brought fame to Ponzi schemes and other similar "making money"schemes.

The MLM business model is a strategy for selling goods and services through unpaid labor in the form of a commission pyramid scheme.

But is the entire Forex industry MLM?

No, Forex trading is not MLM (multi-level marketing) because the Forex business is as legitimate a trading business as stock and options trading. However, some individuals and minority companies use MLM to promote Forex trading, which can have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

In the case of Forex MLM, most people's income comes not from trading according to the strategies they demonstrate, but from attracting new participants. You will be forced to believe all sorts of nonsense, and you will leave the group to reflect on why you wasted your time due to a failure in Forex Trading.

Here's a story about how some Instagram traders spread false information among novice traders.The trader wrote on instagram: "some unscrupulous people have to go through amateur perfection for financial gain. They do this because the real benefit is to convince their colleagues to do business with them.

Affiliate marketing is one of the methods used by Forex MLM companies to attract original brokers and receive commissions. However, we won't discuss these types of companies in detail here. They want to explain why Forex MLM companies are risky and how you can avoid them.

Forex is not a multi-level marketing scheme. The Forex (FX) market is the world's largest asset exchange market. Forex trading can be a lonely experience, as you can succeed without interacting with other people.

You don't need to convince everyone you know, your dog, cat, or relatives to join you in currency trading. You don't need to contact potential customers or send promotional materials.

No special hardware, software, or tools are required. No technical knowledge is required to participate. There is no need to master professional jargon, code, or technology. No formal education or orientation is required.

Attending a Forex conference or taking Forex courses does not cost a penny. You don't have to sell to anyone. The most effective Forex traders have learned how difficult their trading is thanks to several unsuccessful attempts at online trading.

You can find some great Forex trading courses online. However, most of them are recycled forms of existing materials, such as baby pipettes, and are readily available for free elsewhere. Explore your options: there are many free Forex courses available online and on video sharing sites like YouTube.

Mechanisms of operation of multi-level Forex marketing schemes

This is how most multi-level Forex marketing schemes work:

  • They have been doing business for a long time, they say that they have everything ahead of them.
  • They offer to join their multi-level marketing company.
  • They promise that if you join their system, they will teach you how to trade currencies.
  • Once you realize that you need to replace their products or services, you can start doing so.
  • You will be asked to bring a new member to the company.
  • No matter how many new members you bring in, you will have to pay them to join.
  • As a recruiter, you can earn commissions from selling your team.

Even following the above steps does not guarantee financial success, as participation requires mutual contributions within the organization.

Do you understand why maintaining such an educational institution is a bad idea?

In addition, you spend a lot of money on resources that may or may not help you succeed, such as guides, manuals, courses, videos, seminars, coaches, gurus, etc.understand them now.  Some of them are simply wonderful and can teach you a lot. But there are many liars in the world.

The only way to make money on a currency is to trade it; investing in someone else's business is a sure path to financial disaster. The easiest way is to learn from experienced specialists or turn to online resources. Traders can find many useful materials in the form of published books.

Most of them do not require much money and contain instructions on proven methods. Anyone who wants to learn and work can succeed in Forex Trading. The Forex market has been denigrated by persistent advertising that presents it as a quick way to make money. It isn't.

There are many multi-level marketing companies that operate in the Forex market. Unfortunately, many of them are typical pyramid schemes. Be very careful and check the information on the Internet.


Forex trading is a legitimate and profitable business, but it requires time, training, and effort. Forex MLM companies offer an easy way to make money, but this is not the case. If you want to succeed in Forex Trading, avoid MLM companies and learn from experienced professionals.

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