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Broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services explains trading sessions

Forex is a global system that works around the clock, except for weekends and certain holidays. Therefore, you can work here even at night, because the market does not sleep and does not close for lunch. But, the activity in certain hours is different, and all because there are trading sessions. This is a component of all exchanges. A kind of work schedule, which must be observed. They will be further described in the article, compiled with the support of experts of the broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services.

Why is it necessary to keep track of time?

First of all, it will give an opportunity to understand the market liquidity, its volatility, current trends. You can also get information about economic events, which also affects decisions and profitability of positions. Some news is published at a certain time, and they can determine the outcome of the day.

Plus, trading sessions affect Forex to a great extent. In the process of overlapping one with another, there can be a significant jump in prices, which will benefit some but cause others to lose. If you don't follow the time frame, you could miss something important and also miss out on potential earnings.

What is a trading session?

According to the experts of Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker, these are the periods of time, during which there is a peak of activity on Forex. It is necessary to know the chart, because the profit directly depends on it. You should not ignore it, acting at random, as such behavior will not lead to good. Trading sessions have a sequence, but at certain moments there may be an overlap of one with another.

What kinds are there?

The experts at Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker explain that there are 4 main types of forex:

  • Asian. It starts at 00:00 PST Sunday and ends at 09:00 PST Monday. This is the least active time, but at the same time spreads are quite wide here;
  • European. Starts at 07:00 CET on Monday, ends at 16:00 CET of the same day. It is characterized by increased activity level, narrow spreads, high liquidity;
  • American. It starts at 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday and ends at 9:00 p.m. EST of the same day. This is the second most active trading session, similar in parameters to the previous one;
  • Pacific. It starts at 21:00 PST on Monday and ends at 00:00 PST on Tuesday. Trader activity is practically reduced to zero, which is not surprising.

From time to time there are breaks between sessions. Then all activity subsides, and there is a lull. Experienced players benefit from this, as they revise their trading plan and start behaving differently, earning on this pause.

What are the advantages?

Trade offs have the following pros:

  • additional opportunities for earning. A trader can close trades during the day, adjusting to the charts;
  • high level of liquidity. This means that currency is sold/bought at the best value;

Another advantage is the low price of transactions.

What is overlapping sessions?

Experts of the broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services explain that it is about a certain period of time when two trades are held at the same time. This happens when one session transitions into another.
For example, the end of the Asian market coincides with the beginning of the European market, so they overlap. This phenomenon can be favorable for traders, because it increases the number of securities, volatility, which leads to additional profits.
But, there are certain risks here, as a sharp price movement will provoke to rash actions. Therefore, the overlay is more suitable for professional players who know how to competently use stop-losses that limit losses.

What tools should a trader use?

In addition to the usual indicators, experts of broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services recommend the following:

  • economic events calendar. It displays the time of publication of all data, interest rates, etc. The information can be useful in making forecasts regarding price movements on Forex;
  • trading charts. Suitable for analyzing and identifying opportunities;
  •  robots. These are specialized programs for automated trading.

All tools are provided by Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker free of charge. They help traders to follow time periods and understand their impact on the market.
Here's what to consider when choosing tools:

  • experience. For beginners, it is better to work with something simpler and clearer than indicators and charts;
  • trading style;
  • feedback from other traders regarding the instruments. This will allow you to be sure of the reliability, effectiveness.

You also don't have to forget about preferences, goals.

How do I choose my trading session?

Experts of Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker advise to take into account your time zone in the first place. This will allow you to trade at a comfortable, most convenient time, without deviating from the usual regime and lifestyle. Also much depends on the prevailing style. For example, if you like short-term mode, it is better to look at the period with high volatility.
Here are some recommendations from broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services on choosing the right cutoff:

  • you need to study the available options in detail, paying attention to the beginning, end, market impact;
  • Develop a personalized plan, and strictly adhere to it at all stages;
  • choose your tools;
  • to enforce discipline.

Experts of broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services advise to turn off emotions, for they can lead to losses. It is also not superfluous to fix mistakes. It is worth keeping a diary to analyze your actions in detail. Regular training will not hurt, as Forex is quite volatile and does not stand still. There are quite a lot of free educational resources provided by companies for self-development. This will help you to move in the right direction, as well as to choose more successful tools. It is not superfluous to get recommendations from colleagues. There are special communities and forums where traders exchange news, communicate, and support each other.

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Many brokers are not interested in the well-being and success of their clients and push them into a kind of ludomania. Fortunately Aegis Financial Services is definitely not like that. Kai Yamato's manager discouraged me many times from entering a trade, saying that it would most likely all be unprofitable. Other brokerage companies on the contrary would only push me to do it. I want to say that the only disadvantage of Aegis Corporate Services is that it took almost three hours to credit 2 times.




Aegis Corporate Financial Services is a transparent company and for me this is extremely important as only then I can trust them. I also really like their platform. It's not glitchy, the extra functionality doesn't bother me. I withdraw money every few weeks and in total I have withdrawn money from the company dozens of times and never had any delays under any pretext.




The team at Aegis Corporate Financial Services strives to simplify passive investing. They provide me with concise arguments for buying or selling certain stocks via email or phone. While I appreciate their efforts, I cannot give them a perfect score as their withdrawal process takes 2-3 days instead of the desired one day.




I highly recommend working with . I have been trading for over five years and a year and a half ago, I began searching for better conditions than what my previous broker was offering. After trying a large number of brokerage companies, I ultimately chose to work with . If the withdrawals had been processed within 24 hours instead of 2-3 days, I would have given them a rating of 5 points. However, as it stands, I can only give them 4.5 points.




My husband and I tried to give an objective evaluation of [NAME] before opening an account. Overall, we like everything about it. For two and a half years of using Aegis Corporate Services services, we have not noticed any major errors or problems. The profitability is also satisfactory.




If you are a beginner, I recommend entering the market with . They have everything that beginners need. They teach beginners all the necessary skills, do not impose losing trades, etc. The only thing I don't like about is that there is no Moldovan language on the platform.




I immediately saw a difference in the approach to strategizing at Aegis Corporate Services And the way other brokerage companies do it. And I am grateful that a really effective strategy was developed for me. At the same time, I would like to see no interruptions with several commodity assets on the platform.




I used to trade options. I stopped trading options because it is much more unpredictable than I thought when I started. I tried to build a strategy for options. Eventually it became pointless. When I was rebuilding and getting into the cryptocurrency market I got a lot of help from the guys at . I'm happy with almost everything except one thing... I think they should make withdrawals faster.




With , I have peace of mind and no worries about the safety of my funds. I looked at for a long time and eventually I was attracted by their transparency. I have one complaint with . Why can't they make a Hindi version of the platform? If they make a Hindi version of the platform, I will give 5 points!




I do best with commodity exchange instruments, because that's where I started and I know best how this market works, because I worked in this field before trading. I like that provide good commissions. I don't know what this is related to, but sometimes there is no way to trade lots with coffee on the platform. Even the smallest lots!




The openness of , their financial reports give me confidence. Transparency of a brokerage company is always a good thing. But still I have one remark: several times the crediting of my account was delayed. Employee Felix Parker helped with this, but I am still not satisfied.




The customer service at ACFS is excellent, noticeably better than Fidelity, Admirals, and other top companies. Manager Joseph Kowalkowski always helps me find the best deals! However, I do have a single complaint. Since I trade cryptocurrencies on weekends, I am not always able to get through to ACFS's managers right away.




With it is possible to work efficiently not only with blue chips, but also with minor companies, about which I know less information and this factor is compensated by analytics from managers. When I first started using the platform I couldn't find how to switch the language and I didn't like it. Could have made switching the language an easier procedure!




I recommend Aegis Corporate Services if you don't want the problems that are common nowadays. The only disadvantage of Aegis Corporate Financial Services is withdrawal fees, but everything else is top-notch.


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