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Bitcoin: how to avoid the dangers

If you're interested in trading, you've probably heard of people who have made a lot of money from bitcoins. Bitcoin can certainly be a good addition to your investment portfolio. However, you should understand the risks involved before you start trading.

Trading bitcoin always means taking risks. This means that such risks should be assessed in time and avoided. If you are going to trade bitcoin, you should consider using a reliable trading platform.

Before talking about the risks and how to manage them, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the risks themselves. Knowing what dangers await you is the most important thing on the road to effective risk management. Many traders have lost their investments by starting to trade bitcoins blindly and haphazardly.

Invest small amounts of money

Bitcoin sounds tempting, and the hope of making huge profits from trading can tempt traders to invest everything they have. However, only invest a small portion of your money in bitcoin trading at any given time. This way, you can avoid large losses in case of unfavorable market developments.

To avoid taking too much risk, you should invest no more than 20% of your savings in bitcoin trading. If the market drops sharply, you will keep everything you have invested. You can always invest the remaining savings in other assets. Moreover, you can diversify your cryptocurrencies by investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other successful cryptocurrencies.

Always pay attention to transactions

In fact, being attentive will help you eliminate or reduce most of the risks associated with bitcoin trading. A passive approach will only increase your risk, as you will only get a few important insights into the market and its dynamics. While most online cryptocurrency trading platforms can help you trade automatically, you can't always trust them.

Use trustworthy platforms

Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular. This attracts many cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges. While some of these platforms are genuine, others are obvious scams.

As a bitcoin investor, it can be difficult for you to know which cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform is genuine. This creates the risk of using a fraudulent platform that could steal your bitcoins and money.

You can find out which platforms are trustworthy by doing your due diligence. You can start by asking friends or family members who are already trading bitcoins to point you to trustworthy sites. Alternatively, you can do your research by looking at reviews of different platforms to identify potential red flags.

Plan your exit strategy

When trading bitcoins, it is also important to have an exit strategy. An exit strategy is all about getting out or giving up before you face huge losses. The speculative nature of bitcoin may encourage you to continue trading even when the price drops. Don't wait for the price to drop and don't sell your bitcoins at a significant loss.

Your exit strategy does not involve giving up every time the bitcoin price falls. Rather, it combines proper and constant evaluation of the market with making bold decisions that may mean stopping trading bitcoin for a while until market conditions improve.


Bitcoin trading always involves risks. With the right approach, it can provide you with great profits. However, if you trade blindly, you can lose a lot.

To prevent this from happening, assess the risks in time. The right exit strategy, attentiveness, a reliable platform and careful use of leverage can save you from almost all dangers.

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